Beginning of an adventure

At London Heathrow Airport.

My bag is packed, checked in and I’m waiting for boarding. I can’t even remember the name of the city we will be visiting after Kuala Lumpur (KL) but I am still excited as Prince Akeem Joffer was when he came to America. You may not have suspected I am a sucker for travel but I am.. really! I am. I even created this travel blog for that very reason.  My friend Dave and I boarded the biggest aircraft I have ever been on. An Airbus A380 scheduled for Dubai. It had 2 floors and enough head room to jump rope in. It even had on board WIFI!!.. “WHATT??” I know right. (I almost grew a tail for wagging). As a novice travel blogger creating his own website this was convenience at it’s finest. I got straight to work as the flight took off only to have a lady on her high horse lean her seat back onto my laptop and accuse me of “asking for something unreasonable” when I asked her to lean her seat up a little. Her and her boyfriend/poppet/husband/brother or whatever his relationship to her image (1)was began causing a scene at which point I calmly told them to act their age then told the fella to put his voice down unless he was going to do something. That quickly shut them up; I asked to be moved to another seat until I finished my work. The rest of the 6h 50min flight was good and the food was great .

We arrived at Dubai international where I saw one of these in the airport toilet IMG_3330 . I ran back for my DSLR to capture a photo of it not before waiting for someone to finish using it. The cleaner looked at me like I was a bushman discovering a water bottle for the first time so please look at it again and feel the astonishment I felt.   Done??   Great. We boarded our flight to KL and sat next to a retired Ghanaian lady who was on a world tour enjoying the rest of her life (Jealous much). She imparted some words of wisdom and encouragement on us: Her own life seems to have been planned well so note taking on every bit of advice she offered. The airport in KL is like none I had been to; first we walked through duty free then caught a shuttle train before finally arriving at the immigration desks for processing. It was unusual and unusual is one of my favourite highlights in travel. After the customs officer that was meant to be processing the 40+ people in the cue behind me and myself was done flirting with her colleague (As you do when nobody is waiting on you), she finally stamped my passport and transport was now priority.   The 2 options were to take the metro or catch a taxi, for two people travelling to China Town both routes almost cost the same (RM74) so we went to the taxi kiosk. The KL airport taxi system requires a fixed price ticket that is presented to a taxi driver outside the airport. The driver then drives you to the printed destination and gets paid a commission for his/her service. We arrived at China Town and were asked to get out by the driver. At this point we had no idea where exactly we were and the street market which was still partially open at 11:30 pm made visibility and clarity even more difficult. The onlookers watching us argue with the taxi driver fed an uncomfortable feel. The dialogue between the taxi driver and us was along the lines of   Driver: You say China town, this is China town, go hotel… Me: Yeh but where is the hotel?. Driver: *points at opposite directions* Hotel there and hotel there. Go. Us: we already have a hotel, that’s where to take us. We told the lady at the desk. Driver: Hotel is this way. Go, go! Dave: Which way? Driver: I don’t know! [Pause: what??? Where’s the panic alarm…] As I tried getting back into the taxi in protest an onlooker walked up to tell us the hotel is only a few buildings down the road. Ultimatum: continue this loosing battle or take a leap of faith. After careful deliberation (about 5 seconds worth) we decided the little choice we had was to take a chance of getting robbed down to our boxers on our first night in Southeast Asia. Luckily the guy was genuine and we safely arrived at our hotel.     That was my journey and I hope you enjoyed the read. Please make any comments you have and share this post with anyone you think it may interest. :)


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