What’s in the backpack?

What to pack for backpacking

In wonder on what items anyone packs on an extended trip?? Wonder no moreee.. For you can count on your Friendly Neighbourhood Friend ‘ADVENTUMAR!!’”  Spider man with a backpack


Only, this is my first time ever backpacking so you can play down the hype on the intro because on this subject I’m probably more the Kick-Ass type superhero than the Spiderman type (Except at nights when I fight mosquitos, spiders and moths).


When it comes to packing, the choice is mostly down to the individual, however the following are highly recommended:

Medication – Relevant malaria tablets (depending on destinations) or any others prescribed by a licensed professional.

Travel documents – A passport goes without saying especially considering without it the only journey you’ll be making is to the airport. You will also want to have

  • Travel Insurance certificate/s – be sure to specifically buy ‘backpackers travel insurance’
  • Record of Vaccination/s
  • Medical history (If there is anything a doctor may need to know in an emergency)
  • Photocopies of your PASSPORT
  • Passport photos
  • International bank/cash card or a card relevant to your destination.
  • Be sure to have an email copy of all your documents in case you loose your hard copies.

Once you have those, what else you pack is your choice so so you can sigh of relief (:

“Okay captain obvious, what will I need on a day to day basis?”… Well below is a list of what I have packed for 4 months of backpacking through Southeast Asia and Australia. Hope it helps.


  1. Backpack

You may be travelling thousands of miles away living out of your backpack for some time so it is the most important item you will have (My unprofessional opinion).

I bought a Berghaus Jalan 70+15 because:

  • Berghaus is a world renowned brand for quality
  • The zip to the main compartment opens like a suitcase ( Top loaders must be an ergonomic nightmare)
  • It comes with a side strap that allows use as a duffle bag
  • I though the roller wheels were a good extra feature
  • It is also big enough to fit my media equipment and any gifts I may be returning home with.


  1. Clothing

You may want to pack light unless you are willing to literally carry the burden of over packing as a result of over thinking what you need. I packed the following and still hear whispers from the demons of “I knew I should have left this at home”.

  • Casual Shorts x2
  • Lounging shorts x1
  • Swim shorts x2
  • Vests x4
  • T-shirts (short sleeves) x3
  • T-shirt (long sleeve) x1
  • Shirt (short sleeve) x1
  • Shirt (Long sleeve) x1
  • Long sleeve jumper x1
  • Chino trousers x1
  • Jugging bottoms x1
  • Thermal T-shirt and Trousers
  • Thin waterproof jacket
  • A few pairs of socks and boxers
  • Converse All Stars x1


  1. Electronics and Gadgets

These electronics (except the kindle) are necessary for the purpose of travel vloging and blogging with quality media. A casual backpacker can easily do with a little less.

  • Apple Macbook Pro
  • Plastic Casio watch
  • Storage devices (External hard-drives and memory cards)
  • Amazon Kindle
  • iPhone 5
  • Shaver
  • Camera’s and Accessories
  • Chargers
  • Earphones x2


  1. Accessories

What ever you may need for comfort, small luxuries, security and convenience.

  • Water bottle
  • Inflatable travel Pillow
  • Prescription glasses
  • Sunglasses x2
  • Universal laundry line
  • Body wallet
  • Documents wallet
  • Century “Infinity” belt lol
  • Pacsafe Security Net and Padlock
  • Flip flops x2


  1. Toiletries and Miscellaneous

Your very basics for hygiene and ‘space providing’, anything else you may specifically want with you that wasn’t in the Accessories drop-list. Even if it’s a small childhood teddy bear that you cant sleep without.

  • Microfiber towel
  • Jungle Insect spray
  • Cotton buds
  • Skin moisturiser
  • Shower gel
  • Hair brush
  • Cologne
  • Roll on deodorant
  • Tooth paste & brush
  • Malaria tablets.

That’s a complete list of what I am travelling with and I made a video of this which you can watch by clicking here. I hope this post helps anyone planning a backpacking trip and informs the curious minded.

There is a moth on my wall that needs dealing with, so until next time; I’m off to get into costume!!


  • John O'Mahoney says:


    Have a great time on your travels. I look forward to following your story. Be safe and enjoy

    Best wishes

    (George O’Mahoney’s Dad)

    • adventumar says:

      Thanks a bunch John, I appreciate that and I will be uploading my next blog when I have steady internet connection. (George O’Mahoney’s old stablemate) lol

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